Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Last Sunday: Show 6, with Colin and Scott

Thanks to those who tuned in last Sunday, I hope you found it interesting. I have started to research the freeman ideas and have to say that I am highly convinced by this profound way of looking at things.

The best resource I have found for all this is the Canadian (unfortunately it isn’t from UK) website for this is http://www.thinkfree.ca – the radio show at the bottom of the first page is particularly good, as are all the videos.

I must say that I am really at a very early stage of researching this and I have to thank Colin for introducing this to me (although I was aware of it in some form previously) in a way that has compelled me to really look at this very closely as potentially the greatest solution.

Unfortunately, I am yet to hear back from Colin who was going to send me a list of his favourite resources for this stuff. I unfortunately can’t seem to find a link to the Facebook group either, which for you “users” might have been beneficial. Colin did however recommend the Anti-terrorist (see the video of the guy in the ninja suit (or whatever it is!) below and you will see a list of all his videos on YouTube if you click through).

Not forgetting the recording of the show. It should be well noted that this recording was made directly inside the studio using the microphone on my laptop, and therefore does include some speaking over songs etc. that would not have been heard on the broadcast, it also means that the quality has less to be desired than the previous! I have again included a 16kbps version for those with slow connections, or not concerned with quality, and a 192kbps for those who are. I have also included the option to stream the 16kbps version direct from this page.

16kbps: http://www.mediafire.com/?h1gnqdyzjnj

192kbps: http://www.mediafire.com/?mqi1ny45n5o

Please remember that Andrew Withers, chairman of the UK Libertarian Party will be joining me again this Sunday, the 7th of December. I will certainly like to bring up the freeman issue in some form and be interested to hear his take on this. We will also discuss the economic side of libertarianism and what it sees as the key failures of our current Kapitalist (please notice my use of the capital K!) system, and how it would solve them. Furthermore, I will be bringing up the concept of the New World Order (who achieves control through these economic processes) and try to obtain the party’s position on this.