Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tomorrow’s Show

Tomorrow I am going to be joined on the phone from Scotland, by  Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and Freeman-on-the Land, Dave Allison.

Dave has a great little website, concisely detailing many of the key tenets of the Freeman approach, a solution to the growing tyranny, that I have increasingly covered on the show. Available here:

We will be discussing the foundations of freemanism*, why you should become a freeman, how you can become one, what differences it will make to your life, and could make to the very future of the world.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Dave please email me at the usual address: You can also add me to your Instant Messenger and contact me live throughout the duration of the show.

For an excellent introduction to Freemanism, I highly recommend the recordings of the Freeman Conference UK (in addition to all the other videos available on this blog), which took place last November:

Part 1. (49 mins)
Part 2. (1 hour 3 mins)
Part 3. (35 mins)
Part 4. (58 mins)
Part 5. (41 mins)
Part 6. (57 mins)

*I’m not sure if this “ism” has yet been adopted in the movement!

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