Sunday, 16 November 2008

Show 4

Well that was more enjoyable than last week anyway! I hope it was for you.

As I said I GUARANTEE I will have a guest next week. So please stay tuned for that, and as I said: I will post information relating to the guest on here as soon as I know, and I hope that you will use this information to think of some questions that you might like to ask.

Well today I covered various different topics. So below are some links to the stories and videos. Enjoy…

1) Ministers tell councils to push contraceptive jabs (The Telegraph)

2) The Disappearing Male (Information Liberation – Video Below)

3) The first barons of banking (The National)

4) Ron Paul Interviewed By Hans Lysglimt At Mises Institute (Infowars)

5) The UK Libertarian Party Multimedia

Collectivism Vs Individualism

6) RIP Mike Baker – Shadow Gallery


See for this and all other previous playlists.

1) Paris – What What You Do? (Sonic Jihad [2003])

2) Grim Reaper – Lust For Freedom (Rock You To Hell [1987])

3) Coldplay – Spies (Parachutes [2008])

4) Shadow Gallery – Society of the Mind (Legacy [2001])

5) Shadow Gallery – Hope For Us (Tyranny [1998])

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