Sunday, 23 November 2008

Today’s show

An enjoyable show. But it was truly a shame that the Student Union let me down (a long with the other 50 people outside, some of whom were dancing, playing drums and singing for reasons beyond my understanding) for the first time today: the porter didn’t turn up to open the building up until about 14:50 – yes, 50 mins late! I then got the keys to the studio, and we rushed up, only to be greeted by a terribly loud alarm – yes the porter forgot to turn it off! So I quickly ran back downstairs to speak to the porter - who was running about like a headless chicken trying to let the 50 people into their appropriate rooms - and requested he turn it off, unfortunately it took him nearly 30 mins to do this!

So we got started and had to bear the alarm for the majority of the show, it was extremely difficult maintaining a train of thought so the interview is definitely not the greatest, but I think we did well in light of the situation.

Anyway, using a little technical wizardry (lol), I have now made a version with the alarm sound almost completely removed!

There are two versions, neither of which include the songs played, and both also unfortunately miss the first couple of minutes (I should get a complete version later hopefully):

192kbps (>55mb):

16kbps (<5mb):
Don’t forget that Andrew will be joining me again on Sunday, 7th December to discuss further issues, with considerable focus on the economy. More information will follow later.

I will also be joined next week – Sunday, 30th November by Colin Power, of 911Truth Bristol to discuss a variety of issues: including how the NWO achieves control through the banking cartel and its control of money; his interesting case of treason against the Heath government; and his proposed solution - the freeman concept, what it means to be a freeman bound by common law, a Freeman-on-the-land, and a person who stands in commerce. Not to be missed.

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