Sunday, 9 November 2008

Today’s Show

Well that was pretty boring, apologies. I will ensure that I have a guest next week. It is really essential for this type of radio I feel.

Anyway, here are the videos I played:


Powell: Obama Will Face "Crisis" on January 21st or 22nd

Biden: Obama will face "Generated Crisis"


1) Hibria – The Faceless In Charge (Defying The Rules [2004])

2) The Kovenant – New World Order (Animatronic [2000])

3) Saviour Machine – American Babylon (Saviour Machine II [1996])

4) Ministry – Lies, Lies, Lies (Rio Grande Blood [2006])

5) Jackson Browne – Lives In The Balance (Lives In The Balance [1986])

Please tune in next week for a much more interesting show, with a fairly important guest (I hope).

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